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Photo compliments of Mikel O'Brien

Photo compliments of Mikel O'Brien

Meet Laurie

Laurie discovered her first yoga class at the Intergral Yoga Institute in San Francisco.  "I was looking for something to reduce stress in my life.  One class and I was hooked."  Well, this was back in 1996 and a whole lot has happened since then.  "I continued to practice but just a class wasn't enough.  I started taking workshops and I constantly talked about yoga.  Finally a good friend said, "Jeez Laur just go get certified so you can stop telling us about it and teach us!"  I journeyed into my first Yoga Teacher Training in 1999.

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Laurie currently teaches in Rochester and Wakefield, NH.  Please click here to find Laurie's schedule.

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Laurie specializes in teaching classes with an Iyengar spin.  She is also certified in Restorative Yoga Therapy and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. 

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